Super Mario Party bundle includes colourful Joy-Cons
Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party bundle includes colourful Joy-Cons

Spice up the party with green and pink.

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Mario Party as a franchise is popular with many a Nintendo fan, and now Super Mario Party is coming this year to Switch, a console that seems to perfectly fit the series' party game design. Perhaps that's why the new Joy-Con bundle has just been revealed at Gamescom, so that you can get even more friends in on the fun.

The limited edition of Super Mario Party is coming on November 23 to Europe, a month-and-a-half after the original version, which includes the main game plus a neon green left Joy-Con and a neon pink right Joy-Con. The price of this bundle is still unknown, but considering Joy-Cons aren't cheap, we can't expect this would be either.

Super Mario Party is already available for pre-order on the eShop and those who pre-order will get double Gold points on their Nintendo Account. Are you interested in adding more Joy-Cons to the collection?

Super Mario Party

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