Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy due to arrive on Wii U very, very soon

Venerable platformer will land on the Nintendo platform any minute now. Or in a few months, at least.

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One of the most brilliant and challenging platformers of the past decade is making its way to Wii U. Super Meat Boy will arrive on the Nintendo platform "very very very soon", according to a tweet from Tommy Refenes, one of the two developers of the original game.

"Super Meat Boy is coming to WiiU very very very soon. @BlitWorks is wrapping it up and you should be playing it in a couple months! Hooray!" he writes.

Super Meat Boy originally came out on Xbox 360 more than five years ago, to stellar acclaim. It has since then made its way to a wide range of other platforms, including the PC and the PS4.

Originally, Team Meat intended to release the game on the Nintendo Wii as a WiiWare title, but ended up cancelling that version due to the technical limitations of the platform. The Wii U release marks the first time that Nintendo owners can play the fast-paced and brutally tough platformer.

We don't yet know whether the Wii U version of Super Meat Boy will have any notable differences compared to the numerous other releases, but it's likely that it won't include the original soundtrack, similar to the PS4 and PS Vita versions.

Super Meat Boy

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