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Super Meat Boy goes Ultra on PC

Collector's Edition is medium rare.

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While it's been a digital hit on release, Team Meat continued to release extra content for Super Meat Boy over the last year. Now two physical collector's editions are to be released on August 26.

Each will carry a sketchbook, soundtrack and other goodies, with the Rare Ultra Edition including a Super Meat Boy T-Shirt. The full content list is as follows:

Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition contents (recommended retail price: £19.99):

• Play as Alien Hominid
• 40 page comic / sketch book
• An awesome poster
• Digital soundtrack
• Secret Bonus content

As well as:
• Over 350 Levels
• Retro Warp Zones
• 16 Unlockable Characters
• Full Level Editor

Super Meat Boy Ultra Rare Edition contents (recommended retail price: £24.99):

• All the contents of the Ultra Edition
• PLUS the classic Super Meat Boy T-shirt

Super Meat BoySuper Meat Boy

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