Super Mega Baseball 3

Super Mega Baseball 3 release date confirmed

Metalhead Software Inc.'s Super Mega Baseball 3 has seen a slight delay, but nothing major.

Super Mega Baseball 3 is the third entry in the baseball simulator series. Compared to its predecessors, it features an all-new Franchise mode, major graphical enhancements, and on-field additions including pickoffs and situational player traits.

Now via the officialTwitter account, developer Metalhead Software Inc. has announced that Super Mega Baseball 3 is landing on PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One on May 13, with a price tag of $44,99.

The game was originally scheduled to launch in April 2020, however "industry-wide impacts of the COVID-19 crisis have led us to this revised release date", the developer wrote in a statement. It also mentioned that the fans "can expect to hear news before launch about a new online mode we're working on that will be coming to SMB3 in a free-post launch update. This will take some time to develop, but we can't wait to share it with you!"

If you want to know more about Super Mega Baseball 3, you can also check the FAQ page here.

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Super Mega Baseball 3
Super Mega Baseball 3
Super Mega Baseball 3
Super Mega Baseball 3

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