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Halo Infinite

SuperGroupies has launched a Master Chief-inspired range of gear

There's a watch, a bag, a jacket, and a wallet available, all in the iconic Halo olive green.

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After waiting quite a while, 343 Industries is getting ready to send Halo Infinite out into the world this December. And while the game is preparing for that launch, SuperGroupies has collaborated with the Halo brand to ensure that fans are all geared up for all kinds of weather, with its new range of Master Chief-inspired gear.

With everything coming in the Halo signature olive green, black and orange, the range consists of a watch, a jacket, a wallet, and a bag.

The watch will retail for $240 and is expected to launch in mid-March, 2022. It's made from materials that "mimic the toughness of the iconic armor worn by the Master Chief," and even features plenty of nods to the character, including a 117 on the watch face, and the UNSC logo on the back.

The jacket will be coming in late February, 2022 and will retail for $230. Alike the watch, it'll feature a bunch of Master Chief references, and even comes with a removable hood so you can wear the jacket in whatever situation suits you.

The bag is also coming in late February, 2022 and will cost $150. It'll feature a variety of pockets and compartments, and even boasts an original lining designed by SuperGroupies that reflects the Chief and Halo.

Last of all, the wallet is also coming in late February, 2022 and will retail for $110. It uses a bi-fold design and has textures that imitate the Chief, as well as four card slots and a zippered section.

Take a look at all the gear, and even pre-order some here.

Halo Infinite is launching on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series on December 8, this year.

Halo Infinite

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