Superhot's Oculus exclusivity enrages Vive fans

And they sure let the developers know about it.

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Superhot was a very impressive game with some unique shooter mechanics, so it's nice to hear that the developers aren't finished with it just yet. It has been announced in their newly posted Dev log that along with a few secret things, the developers behind the game are also working on releasing free DLC at some point.

We haven't been given a date or any other details about the upcoming DLC apart from that it will be free, but the dev log said to look out for future logs that will give some more info. Another important thing the piece touched on is that the game will be getting VR support as early as this year.

The devs are working closely with Oculus to release Superhot for VR, and it will be exclusive to the Rift for some time following release (other VR platforms are not a focus at this time). This has left a sour taste in many fans' mouths, and the developer's post on reddit confirming the Rift exclusivity has received hundreds of downvotes. On top of this, as we've seen plenty of times before in the past, fans have taken to Steam in hordes, giving the game negative reviews.


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