Supremacy MMA

Supremacy MMA announced

From Kung Fu Factory on PS3 and 360

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Developers Kung Fu Factory and publishers 505 Games have announced Supremacy MMA on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, a new challenger to THQ's UFC Undisputed games and the upcoming EA Sports MMA in the lucrative mixed martial arts segment.

Supremacy MMA

The team at Kung Fu Factory is made up of talent spanning games like UFC (Dreamcast), The Warriors, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, Scarface and UFC Undisputed 2009.

"We're excited to partner with 505 Games to launch the Supremacy MMA brand," said Ricci Rukavina, creative director for Kung Fu Factory. "Kung Fu Factory's vision is to make an MMA game that is as authentic and realistic as possible that will introduce an entirely new type of experience to gamers. The team has an enormous amount of passion for the genre and has been relentlessly researching every aspect of the sport to deliver an MMA game unlike any other. When gamers play Supremacy MMA, we think it will absolutely knock them out."

"Years of honing our proprietary animation tools and technology have put us in a unique position to create a groundbreaking MMA game," said Daryl Pitts, executive producer of Kung Fu Factory. "Our vision is to adapt real-life martial arts strategies into fun and intuitive game mechanics. We want players to easily be able to enjoy the deep level of satisfaction that comes from mastering MMA techniques."

Supremacy MMA will be on display in Los Angeles at E3 next week.

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