Minute of Islands
Featured: E3 2021 Coverage

Surprise! Minute of Islands is out now

The Xbox One version will release June 15.

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Minute of Islands

During the Future Game Show at E3, it was revealed that Minute of Islands would be releasing after the presentation on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch (it's coming to Xbox One on June 15). The handcrafted platformer almost made our list of most anticipated indies back in March, but it was delayed indefinitely due to "significant last-minute issues."

The game sports a visual style reminiscent of Adventure Time and it sees you play as Mo, a young mechanic who has been sent on a quest to repair ancients machines that are the sole protectors of a beautiful archipelago. The game has already won several awards ahead of releases such as The Indie Award at Gamescom in 2019 and the Excellence in Visual Art award at the 2020 Independent Games Festival.

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