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Halo Infinite

Take a load off with these Halo-flavoured tea bags

"This is Teabagging: Evolved."

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Despite being a largely crude action, teabagging and Halo go hand-in-hand. The taunting gesture and the sci-fi shooter have been two birds of a feather for the longest time, and now the action is ingrained into the lifeblood of this beloved series. With this being said, it's taken 20 years for someone to create a licensed line-up of Halo tea bags, so you can enjoy your afternoon beverage with a bountiful array of futuristic flavours.

That's right, now you can get your hands on a selection of three uniquely flavoured tea bags, each inspired by the 343 Industries developed series. As it currently stands, the three flavours are Blood Orange Gulch, Pine Needler, and Warthog Wild Berry, with each edition available from the Halo Tea Bags website for the price of $30.00. Unfortunately, all three are currently sold out as you would expect, but there is more stock coming in the future.

As part of the store page, the website gives a brief description of its products, saying, "The flood is coming.

A zesty, aromatic onslaught of effervescent flavor, that will leave all sentient life refreshed in its wake.

So, park your Warthog somewhere leafy, lay your Energy Sword down in the grass and tea bag to your heart's desire.

This is Teabagging: Evolved."

What flavour would you be most inclined to try out?

Halo Infinite

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