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Take a look at Brogent's "physically-demanding" motion chair

The company wants games and esports broadcasting to be more spectacular and similar to traditional sports, and has been tested in matches already.

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In Barcelona during MWC19 we had the chance to try out the latest proof of concept by Brogent, a prototype VR gaming experience they're using to pitch how they envision a more physically-competitive gaming scene in the future.

International Business Development Director Andy Kiang talks us through all the details in the video below. For now it's "a motion platform with 6 DOF" they provide for "large-scale simulators for theme parks and amusement parks", such as Europa Park in Germany.

The proof of concept we tried out was on a smaller scale, as it consisted of a 1v1 VR mech combat game, but Brogent's plans include big esports events. They've even tested with live 4v4 team-based matches in Taiwan.

This is because the traditional keyboard and mouse combo "is rather boring" to watch, as Kiang puts it; "not that exciting for broadcasting and it's not that physically-demanding as a professional sport. So what we think is, we use this motion platform that we have integrated into a single- seater", so that "besides head and eye coordination as a normal video game, you also need to train physically to be fit, and also it'll be more interesting for broadcasting."

Brogent goes beyond VR and the action genre, for example, with sim racers mounted on their platforms. Their hardware synchronises body balance "with very little latency", at the same time challenging players with 0.2 acceleration forces.

However, if you were dreaming about having one of these platforms at home, keep in mind "it's quite high-end, we're not expecting consumer market, but we don't know in the future". Besides Taiwan and Germany, Brogent will be present "most likely in Australia" very soon.

Does this seem like a good fit for areas like esports?

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