Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Take a look at the city of Glass in Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Interactive map gives you a taste of the city of Glass.

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During the run up to the launch of Mirror's Edge Catalyst, EA has released an interactive map of the game's city, Glass, giving players some idea of the areas they'll be able to explore. Not all of the map has been marked out on the website just yet, with only the Anchor district detailed, but we're assuming as the game gets closer, we'll see more areas pop up.

The map also shows that there will be some underground areas of the map, which would provide an interesting change of pace should you grow tired of the pure whites of the city above. The design of the city, and ensuring the map isn't boring and repetitive, is something we looked at extensively following our chat with the design director Erik Odeldahl over at DICE. You can check that out in our recent article.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is set to launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on June 7, 2016.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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