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Final Fantasy VII

Take a look at this incredible fanmade Tifa Lockhart

The Final Fantasy character gets a new lease of life.

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Tifa Lockhart remains one of the most popular characters from Final Fantasy VII, and we've seen so many great fanmade versions of her before, as well as official ones made by Square Enix themselves, but none of them (and likely not the upcoming remake either) come even close to what Blair Armitage from Riot Games has now delivered.

She has done her own version of Tifa and writes on Twitter that it "took way too long" to create her. Judging from the results, we believe her, and you can check out the amazing work below, with more available on her ArtStation page.

Is this the best version of Lockhart you've seen?

Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII

Thanks, Destructoid.

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