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Civilization VI

Take-Two continuing to support Switch after Civilization VI

A new report after their Q3 financial earnings reveals that the Switch version of the game exceeded expectations for the publisher.

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Just yesterday we reported that the Take-Two earnings report for Q3 of the 2019 financial year (ending on December 31) revealed that Red Dead Redemption has shipped 23 million units, but while Rockstar's game took the spotlight, we also found out another game has been performing well.

In the report Take-Two explains that the Switch version ensured "the experience meets the same high standards of the beloved series", and looks ahead to the release of the Gathering Storm DLC next week. What's more is that Take-Two also told's Christopher Dring that the game exceeded expectations on Switch as well, and after a successful Q3 they'll continue to support the platform.

This is big news for Switch and Civilization fans, and with Gathering Storm landing on February 14 to bolster the content offering, the future looks bright for Firaxis and 2K Games' strategy series. You can even get a taste of what's coming in the expansion with a few trailers down below.

Are you glad to hear Take-Two will continue to support the Switch?

Civilization VI

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