Take-Two: MS is working hard and Sony will be aggressive

The man from Take-Two has some interesting thoughts to share on the state of the industry.

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Interviews with Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick are always interesting as he never shies away from sharing sharp opinions about the video game industry, and his recent talk to Protocol is no exception. During this new interview, he shares his opinions on the upcoming console generation and how Microsoft and Sony will handle it:

"So far it looks to me as though they're both approaching this launch very aggressively. We've always worked happily with both parties. We would like to see both be very successful.

"In certain parts of the world, as you know, Sony had a preferred position last time around. I think Microsoft is working very, very hard to see that that's not repeated. I think it will be a challenge in Asia, where Sony's dominated. But if I had to guess, I think Microsoft is going to do very well."

Zelnick also thinks Sony is going to focus on content and adds that he thinks this might apply to Microsoft as well, as they have grown Xbox Game Studios quite a lot:

"I think you're going to see that [Sony] will be very aggressive on the content side and on the marketing side. They are going to focus, as they always do, on aiming at an advantage on the content side.

"But Microsoft's trying to do the same thing; as you know, Microsoft has bought some studios. There's a lot of stuff that they own and control. Perhaps they'll do more of that. They have a great balance sheet."

Finally, he also added some opinions on the price tags of games next generation, as Take-Two has already decided to increase their own prices. Zelnick explains why:

"The bottom line is that we haven't seen a front-line price increase for nearly 15 years, and production costs have gone up 200 to 300%. But more to the point since no one really cares what your production costs are, what consumers are able to do with the product has completely changed.

"We deliver a much, much bigger game for $60 or $70 than we delivered for $60 10 years ago. The opportunity to spend money online is completely optional, and it's not a free-to-play title. It's a complete, incredibly robust experience even if you never spend another penny after your initial purchase."

Do you think Zelnick is onto something regarding Microsoft, Sony, and rising prices for games?

Take-Two: MS is working hard and Sony will be aggressive

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