Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise's heroes detailed

Alphen and Shionne offer very different perspectives, but both of them will need to team up in the newest Tales Of game.

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At E3 this year we spoke with Tales Of series producer Yusuke Tomizawa about the series as a whole - celebrating its 25th anniversary next year - and the next upcoming entry in the series, Tales of Arise, and now it seems we have more details on the latter courtesy of the game's official site (thanks, Gematsu).

Alphen, for example, is from the planet Dahna and is a young man wearing an iron mask, using the flaming sword from Shionne to take to the battlefield. Shionne herself is from the planet Rena, and is cursed by thorns that cause pain in anyone she touches. Shionne is voiced by Shino Shimoji, while Alphen is voiced by Takuya Satou.

In our chat with Tomizawa we heard that the Western popularity of the series has influenced development, but aside from that we'll just have to wait for more details on this new entry in the series.

Do you like how these heroes look?

Tales of Arise
Tales of Arise

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