Eternum Ex

Talking about Eternum Ex while trying not to die in the game

It's a hard task, as Bernardo Hernández - CEO of publisher Zerouno Games - found out when we talked to him in Bilbao.

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One of the toughest challenges at Fun & Serious Game Festival's indie area was by far Eternum Ex, the retro-styled single-player game inspired by classics such as Ghosts 'n Goblins and Snow Bros. The game was developed by Flynn's Arcade and Radin Games, and then published by Zerouno Games on both PC and Nintendo Switch.

As we were checking it out in Bilbao we challenged Zerouno CEO Bernardo Hernández to give a gameplay demonstration during our interview, which makes it all the trickier. During the test he talks about the PC/Switch combo for indie games and confirms as a publisher they're in talks with Epic Games' new platform.

Bernardo also mentions a couple of other Zerouno-published quirky games towards the end of the video. By the way, Eternum Ex is currently on sale at a 20% discount on the Nintendo eShop, if you like what you see here.

Is Eternum Ex difficult enough for you?

Eternum Ex

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