Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Team Dignitas signs a North American CS:GO team

This squad will be led by their player mCe.

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Esports organisation Team Dignitas has announced that they have signed a North American CS:GO team to add to their existing rosters such as those in PUBG and Rocket League, with the team competing on February 13 for the first time, the date when the ESL Pro League Season 7 competition gets underway.

The roster consists of Matthew 'mCe' Elmore as the in-game leader, who's joined by Logan 'Voltage' Long; Jack 'xCeeD' Holiman; Michael 'Grim' Wince; and Mitch 'mitch' Semaga, all of which come from the USA and have competed as SoaR Gaming in the Mountain Dew League, one that aims to give smaller teams the chance of grabbing the spotlight and competing in the Pro League. What's more is that they qualified for the ESEA Season 26 Global Challenge LAN tournament as SoaR Gaming, where they finished in the top six, grabbing Dignitas' attention.

"Growing up, I avidly watched Allen Iverson play for the 76ers. The only NBA jersey I've ever owned was a Jerry Stackhouse jersey. I could never have imagined competing for such a historic organization, especially one I grew up cheering for," mCe said, referencing the fact that NBA team Philadelphia 76ers have a controlling interest in Dignitas. "So many esports pioneers and Counter-Strike legends have played under the Team Dignitas banner. It is inspiring and humbling that we, too, will compete in the same jerseys. We are a young team, but this pressure to succeed is what drives our team; we are ready to prove ourselves."

Team Dignitas has had a lot of CS:GO talent in the past, including North's Kjaerbye, ex-player Pimp, FaZe player Karrigan, Astralis' Dev1ce, and much more, so it'll be interesting to see whether this new team can also impress as much as these past pros have. Do you have faith in these players?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Team Dignitas

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