Team EnVy win Overwatch Contenders without a loss

They faced FaZe in the final.

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Team EnVy has just finished their Overwatch Contenders campaign in style, winning the tournament without a single loss to their name, earning themselves $40,000 USD in the process.

The playoffs were held at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles, and saw EnVy face not only FNRGFE in the semifinals, winning 3-0, before facing FaZe Clan. FaZe had to beat Envision 3-1 to seal their own place in the grand final, but couldn't withstand EnVy's might, as they lost 4-0 to the giants on Sunday.

We now know that EnVy will join the Overwatch League as Dallas Fuel (the announcement of which may have hinted at new esports skins), so this is the perfect way to prepare for the upcoming League, by becoming NA champions in such a convincing manner.

Can they carry this through to the Overwatch League?

Photo: Blizzard

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