Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Team LDLC recruits CS:GO players AmaNEk and devoduvek

Maniac and Devil have left the squad.

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French esports organisation Team LDLC has announced that they have recruited two new players to their CS:GO team, these being François 'AmaNEk' Delauna and David 'devoduvek' Dobrosavljevic, meaning two players have had to make way for them: Timothée 'Devil' Demolon and Mathieu 'Maniac' Quiquerez.

The announcement says that the team had reached a plateau and that things needed changing, hence the two new players - who won the Gamers Assembly tournament recently - were brought on board. "It is now up to Amanek and Devoduvek to bring a fresh wind to a team that is only waiting to find the pep's of its beginnings. I look forward to seeing them grow alongside us and welcome them to our ranks," esport director Anthony Rabby writes.

Can these two players really improve LDLC's fortunes?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Team LDLC

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