Super Meat Boy

Team Meat and MS friends again

Super Meat Boy will go on sale.

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Edward McMillen and Tommy Refenes, aka Team Meat, have had some choice words about Microsoft, claiming their game - Super Meat Boy - did not get the proper support from the hardware giant.

It now seems as though the two have patched things up, and in the latest blog entry over at the Team Meat the pair had the following to say:

"Super Meat Boy will get a sale on XBLA next month! (so save your points). We dont have a set date yet, but we have been talking to MS, patched things up and are going to be putting SMB on sale on XBLA next month along with a free update that will add tons of new levels to "Teh Internets". its a new year and we are putting the past behind us and all agreeing to do what is best for SMB and the fans."

Good news all around in other words. If you haven't picked up Super Meat Boy you will get a chance to get it cheap, and if you already have it you will be getting some fresh meat to pound.

Super Meat Boy

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