Tequila Works gives an inside peek into Gylt

Tequila Works gives an inside peek into Gylt

At Gamescom creative director Raúl Rubio explained some of the elements we can expect from this Stadia-exclusive title.

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Geoff Keighley had plenty of guests come on stage to talk to him during the Gamescom Opening Night Live show last night, one of which was Tequila Works' Raúl Rubio, the CEO who's also serving as creative director for Stadia-exclusive launch title Gylt.

It wasn't all about the talking though, as Rubio let us see more of the game at the show, which is a rather atmospheric title requiring you to sneak and hide from monsters. There are various other dark elements we see in the demo as the protagonist looks for her cousin, using a flashlight to navigate the various hallways, and you can see all of this below:

We actually caught up with Rubio early this year at Gamelab in Barcelona to talk about all things Tequila Works, and you can look at that whole interview down below as well.

How is Gylt looking so far?


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