Terminator: Resistance - Enhanced

Terminator: Resistance - Enhanced file size is smaller on PS5 compared to PS4

It will bring a whole batch of improvements.

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Terminator: Resistance - Enhanced was released just before the weekend. As the name clearly implies, it's an enhanced version of Terminator: Resistance, originally released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One back in November 2019.

Amongst other thing, this PlayStation 5 exclusive title offers improved graphics, faster loading times, new controller features and extra content from the PC version. But it turns out it offers another thing as well; a smaller file size.

As some people has noted, it is only 19 gigabytes for PlayStation 5, which can be compared to PlayStation 4 with over 34 gigabytes. Sony previously said they have technology in place to make files smaller, and it seems like they have coverage for this statement.

Terminator: Resistance - Enhanced

Thanks, TwistedVoxel.

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