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The 2018 Pokkén Tournament Championship Series starts soon

We have solid details about qualifiers, prizes, and format.

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We finally have some more details for the 2018 Pokkén Tournament Championship Series, including the fact that players can compete in two qualifying events to earn a place in the World Championships in Nashville, Tennessee, where they'll be joined by the best in Japan as well as those from a Last Chance Qualifier event.

There are two age divisions for the tournament, the first being the Masters Division for those born in 2002 or earlier, as well as the Senior Division, for those born in 2003 or later. Players can then qualify for the World Championships by doing well either in a series event or in the aforementioned Last Chance Qualifer at the World Championship itself.

This Last Chance event will have a maximum of 256 competitors in each division, so space is limited, and two Masters players will go to the main event, with one Senior player moving forward. All in all 16 Masters and eight Senior players will qualify, and here's the breakdown of who's included:

Two Masters and one Senior from Oceania Internationals
Four Masters and two Seniors from North America Internationals
Four Masters and two Seniors from the Sheffield Regional Championships.

The rest of the invitations will go to players from Japan and via the Last Chance Qualifier, and in regards to what you need, competitors need a Hori wired controller or fight stick to play in the Series, and no Pro Controllers are allowed.

For more on the tournament, as well as schedules and prizing, visit the official website. Will you be entering?

Pokkén Tournament DX

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