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Titan Souls

The "addictive quality" of Titan Souls

We talk to Acid Nerve's Mark Foster about the delicate balance making boss fights difficult.

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Titan Souls is a simple concept, one where limitations has given rise to incredible design. As the hero you're equipped with one HP and one arrow for your bow. You can shoot this arrow, and then you have to pick it up or call it back. And outside of that the game is simply a world for you to explore full of unique boss encounters. We talked to Acid Nerve's Mark Foster at Gamescom.

The Acid Nerve team brought a new boss fight for us to sample at Gamescom, a step up in challenge from the previous four demoed at E3. The Yeti.

"I think one person has beaten it so far at E3, cause we had a few developers testing it," said Mark Foster. "Just to see how it was. And it took them 18 goes. 18 deaths. So that's the kind of difficulty to expect from it."

"If you don't like to be challenged this isn't the game for you I don't think," said Foster. "Cause you have to persevere with it if you want to beat it. But I think people get a taste of it and they just want to keep going. You know you get that thing of 'just one more go' and then you think 'I just need to kill this one boss'. So it has that kind of addictive quality to it."


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