Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

The Armory is coming to Diablo III in patch 2.5.0

The Crafting Materials UI has also been changed.

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Blizzard has provided a glimpse into upcoming Diablo III patch 2.5.0, and there's plenty of new stuff to grab the intrigue of fans, including The Armory, allowing character builds to be stored.

"We're happy to present a long-awaited feature we know you've been eager to get your hands on! The Armory enables players to store up to five complete character builds on each character, allowing you to swap seamlessly between set items, skills, runes, and gems with the click of a button," Blizzard explains.

"Any items equipped via the Armory will automatically swap to wherever the exchanged equipment was stored—whether that's back into your stash or your personal inventory. Gems and Legendary Gems will also swap and, if you 've upgraded or leveled up your gems, the Armory will automatically select the highest quality or level available for that gem type. Lastly, your skill bar will also update to your selected skills, rune, and Kanai's Cube power preferences, and you're welcome to name your setups whatever you like."

The Armory doesn't store Paragon points, however, but Blizzard has added a new hotkey, allowing them to be used more efficiently, allowing you to spend 100 points at a time.

The Crafting Materials UI has also been changed, as crafting materials are now in a different tab, which is a small anvil next to gold total in the inventory screen. "All crafting materials will be moved automatically into the Crafting Materials tab upon the launch of Patch 2.5.0, so there's no need to store them somewhere specific before the patch hits. When using your crafting materials at Kanai's Cube, there is now a convenient new Fill button to automagically transport your items directly into the cube interface for transmuting."

As well as this, there's updates to Adventure Mode as well, with the frequency of tile sets in greater rifts adjusted, and appearance rates reduced for various caves, whereas wide open areas like Festering Woods have had appearance rates increased.

For more on the update, visit Battle.net. Is The Armory one of the best features in this update?

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

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