The Ascent

The Ascent brings brutal sci-fi action to Xbox Series X

Neon Giant's upcoming RPG The Ascent is bringing co-operative sci-fi action to Xbox Series X.

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One of the big surprises during Xbox 20/20 was the announcement of The Ascent. The game's title is also the name of a vertically built metropolis, filled to the brim with really weird creatures (trust us, this is odd stuff). But when life is threatened by evil corporations and crime organisations, you have to stand and fight.

This action-packed RPG offers co-op for up to four people (locally and online) and will take you from the lower slums to the luxury spheres at the top. The developers, Neon Giant, promises there will be looting, destructible environments, a huge mystery to solve and stunning graphics.

The Ascent will be released for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X later this year. It could get announced for other formats as well, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Check out the first trailer below!

The Ascent

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