The Ascent

The Ascent has "4K, 60 fps and HDR" for Xbox Series X

With the step-up in terms of hardware, these are words we're expecting to see more and more often.

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Swedish developer Neon Giant had one of the biggest Xbox Series X surprises when the first games were revealed for the console last month. The studio's game is a co-op sci-fi RPG based around a vertically built megacity with striking design and seemingly interesting gameplay. It is also a console-exclusive for Xbox (that means it's also coming for PC), but how well will it run on Xbox Series X?

That's something that the Xbox team on Twitter answered in a tweet, writing:

"With great power... comes projectiles and explosions in stunning 4K, 60 fps and HDR."

This is, of course, good news and we hope more developers will offer this in their upcoming games as well, and take advantage of the Xbox Series X and its increased capabilities. You'll find out more about that in our recent article about everything we know about Microsoft's next console.

The Ascent

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