The Ascent

The Ascent "is just as exciting in single player as it is in co-op"

The title will be on Xbox Game Pass on launch day.

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The upcoming action-RPG The Ascent from Neon Giant offers a gritty cyberpunk setting in an adventure that can be enjoyed by up to four players in co-op. But some people simply don't want to play with others, what about them, can they still enjoy the game?

This is exactly what GamingBolt asked the Neon Giant co-founder and also creative director Tor Frick. He explained:

"It's absolutely an equal experience to play the game in single player. We have tried making an experience that is just as exciting in single player as it is in co-op, even though the dynamics of gameplay change as you add more players. For example playing a bit slower, absorbing more of the world, vs a more intensely paced play session. The game is built to take co-op into account, including all co-op characters being represented in all the cutscenes and things like that. Since you have several players, gameplay will offer more opportunities for synergy between abilities and playstyles."

So there we have it. It doesn't matter if you play alone as you'll still have have the same excitement as the co-op audience. The Ascent launches for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X on July 29 and is also included with Xbox Game Pass from day 1.

The Ascent

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