The Banner Saga 3

The Banner Saga 3 gets an earlier than expected release

The third entry by Stoic Studio set for summer. Fasolt presents itself as Austin Wintory records original soundtrack.

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Set to conclude the trilogy after two beautiful and successful hand-drawn strategy games, The Banner Saga 3 was expected to release in December 2018. However, and contrary to what normally happens with highly anticipated games, this third entry will actually release before than that, during the third quarter of the year, on PC.

Stoic Studio thus enters the final stretch of production, and that means they can now show fairly final assets, such as story characters and even the music from the game. In terms of the former, the team has just released the trailer below, presenting war commander and Varl loyalist Fasolt:

Acclaimed composer Austin Wintory is again behind the original soundtrack for the tactical RPG, and its recording session will take place this Friday (26), and could even be live-streamed. To join the final-stretch actions, Wintory is now offering up the epic music from the first two games for free, at Bandcamp.

The Banner Saga 3

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