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The challenge of Neverdead

How can an immortal see Game Over?

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Neverdead, Konami's upcoming post-apocalyptic actioner, has an interesting premise in that central lead demon hunter Bryce can't die, and can simply stitch himself back together when needed. So where's the challenge?

According to designer Shinta Nojiri, it is possible to see the Game Over screen in Neverdead; if you don't keep a close eye on your (very killable) partner.

"There is a possibility of Game Over," Nojiri-san explains to GRTV. "Bryce also has a partner called Arcadia who goes on missions with him. When she takes a certain amount of damage she's in a status where she's down, and in this certain period of time you have to save her or else she dies."

The designer also goes on to showcase how Bryce can still move, even when he's down to just a single limb. See the gameplay and the entire interview in the video.


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