The Changing of the Guard

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This is just a quick note and a chance for me to say goodbye, as today is my last day at Gamereactor. I've been here for almost a decade and I've spent more than five years as the editor-in-chief of the UK site. During that time I've worked with some great writers and video editors, we've seen our audience grow, we've covered more games than I can possibly remember, and I've met some truly incredible people that hail from all walks of life.

It has truly been a pleasure to write for you these past nine-ish years and I'm constantly humbled that people keep coming back to us to share in our collective love of video games. I couldn't and wouldn't do it without you, so thanks for stopping by every now and then and lending us your clicks.

I remember growing up and reading magazines such as CVG and PC Gamer, and it was a job that I always wanted to try myself. That being the case it was a genuine thrill to join the GRUK team back in 2011, then to later work on the print magazine, as well as interview game developers from all over the world for GRTV.

Yet as one door closes, another opens, and I leave you in capable hands. Ben and Kieran are taking control of the good ship GRUK and will share their thoughts below. That being the case, for now all that is left for me to say is goodbye and farewell (although you can find me on Twitter if you want to say hi). It has been a lot of fun, and I wish you all the very best.


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Hi Everyone,

We know you've all come to know and love Mike's contribution over these past years, and whilst we will never be able to replace him, we intend to do our very best to carry forward the high-quality level of content you expect from the site. To get you up to speed, here's a brief rundown on who we are as people.

Kieran: I first started writing for Gamereactor back in 2016 as a freelancer and was recently made Assistant Editor in August of this year. Working at Gamereactor has allowed me to produce countless pieces of content, from reviews to news articles, and has secured me access to 100s of amazing titles over the years. I have treasured the opportunity to visit great developers and events such as Rare Studios and Quakecon respectively, and I look forward to hopefully being able to visit many more when the world settles down a bit. Over my time at GRUK, I have been especially drawn to punishing RPGs in the vein of Dark Souls and atmospherically rich indies like ABZU, and I look forward to exploring more of these types of titles down the line.

Ben: You may or may not recognise my name, but I have been working with the site for the past, well, almost two years. I first started my time at GRUK as an intern, working with Mike, who has quite frankly been a mentor to me. Over the course of that experience, I have produced plenty of news, reviews and articles, but a personal highlight was getting to travel to events and having the opportunity to meet some of the other incredible people across the network, all whilst interviewing many great developers along the way. I hope my love of video games (particularly shooters and RPGs) will keep you interested as we move forward into this new era for Gamereactor UK.

To wrap up, as a pair we'd like to mention how things will start to work around GRUK, starting next week. First of all, we plan to keep consistent with feature-based content - we currently have some interesting pieces in the works that we hope you'll love. There will also be plenty more video-based content on its way, as we look to work closer than ever with GRTV. To share the load, Kieran will usually be the go-to-guy for Switch and Xbox content, with Ben being the PC and PlayStation guy. We still plan on covering as broad a range of games as possible, so you can expect to see lots of content on the biggest AAA launches, as well as the coolest indies.

Finally, we'd like to thank every single one of our readers for making Gamereactor UK what it is today. Without your support, we wouldn't be where we are today bringing you this exciting, yet a little heart-breaking news.

See you all out on the frontlines.

Ben and Kieran.

The Changing of the Guard

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