Nascence - Anna's Songs

The composer Alessandro Monopoli back to work on Nascence - Anna's Songs' OST

The composer had previously worked on Anna and Anna: Extended Edition's music.

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Dreampainters Software and Treehouse have announced that the composer Alessandro Monopoli, who previously worked on Anna and Anna: Extended Edition's scores, will be in charge of the music for Nascence - Anna's Songs.

Graduating at Milan-based CPM in Modern Guitar, with Donato Begotti, Monopoli wrote the soundtrack for games such as "Star4Physics" and he recorded two albums with a band called "Chantry", on which he played guitar and drums.

As explained by Monopoli himself: "We recorded it [Nascence - Anna's Songs' music] at Abbey Road Studios with a string quintet, under the guidance of Marc Canham (InFamous : Second Son, Far Cry 2) and Jonathan Williams as conductor and the Nimrod Orchestra on strings. I played classical guitar. "

If you want to listen to the main theme of the game, you can do so a href="https://youtu.be/NYLojwRbpsE" target="_blank">over here</a>.

Nascence - Anna's Songs

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