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Rocksmith 2014

The curtain is coming down on Rocksmith

The last DLC to land for the game will be the last, with a grand total of 1570 songs on the final setlist.

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As confirmed in a recent post shared on the game's official webpage, Ubisoft has just called time on its support for Rocksmith, the musically-inclined game that first landed on old-gen consoles all the way back in 2011, before returning on current-gen consoles in 2014.

As outlined in the note to players, the team is working on a new project (more information is coming "when we're ready" so don't hold your breath for something soon), and that change of focus has prompted the team to stop working on DLC for Rocksmith altogether, which means they're stopping after an impressive 383 weeks of DLC releases and with a library stuffed with 1570 songs that span both decades and genres.

While there won't be any further DLC, the developer confirms that it still has weekly online content planned, the Dev Stream is set to return in a new format, and we're promised a few more "surprises", although it's not clear what those surprises might entail.

Rocksmith 2014

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