The Division 2

The Division 2's Episode 3 is here next month, but not the raid

Foundry is coming after the release of the third episode, although players still have a lot to see in February.

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The Division 2 was released back in March last year, but is still being supported with content, and now Ubisoft has revealed that Episode 3 will be released next month, letting agents explore Coney Island in New York, battling against The Cleaners from the first game.

Two main missions are coming as a part of this DLC, with Classified Assignments available to those with the Year 1 pass. There's also one new specialisation that Ubisoft is keeping secret for now, as well as an Exotic SMG called Kameleon, changing colour depending on the surroundings.

However, those expecting the Foundry raid won't be getting it with this update, and Ubisoft says that it's coming "sometime after the launch of Episode 3", free to all players.

Ubisoft's State of the Game series is also set to address a number of topics this month too, with Item Stats RNG and quality-of-life changes to UI coming on January 15. On January 22 Ubisoft will talk about recalibration stat storing, skill power refactorisation, and Dark Zone quality-of-life changes, while January 29 will see Ubisoft dive deeper into the third episode.

Are you ready for Episode 3?

The Division 2

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