The Division 2

The Division 2's second raid will be harder

It took console players three days to finish the first one, but Massive isn't planning to make The Foundry a cake-walk because of that.

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Operation Dark Hours was the franchise's first raid when it came to The Division 2 last May, so it was no surprise that it had a somewhat difficult start. Literally. It took three days before the raid was completed on console. Would this lead Massive to make the second raid easier? No. Far from it, actually.

We've had the pleasure of talking with Drew Rechner, Associate Game Director at the Swedish studio, and he actually says that The Division 2's second raid, The Foundry, will be even more challenging.

That's not to say they haven't listened to the feedback since Dark Hours, as the difficulty will be in terms of teamwork and cooperation, not damage per second or anything like that. He doesn't want to share more than that right now because the raid is still being worked on, but he assures us that console players shouldn't need three days to finish The Foundry as long as they work well together.

The Division 2

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