The Farm 51 announce Chernobylite

A survival horror game set inside the zone.

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Polish developer The Farm 51, best known for Get Even, has opened up a Facebook page for a new game called Chernobylite. A survival horror game set inside the Chernobyl area, the site of the disastrous nuclear accident in 1986.

The team has been working on mapping and exploring the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone for years, as they've also created the Chernobyl VR experience released last year on PSVR and in 2016 on Vive and Oculus.

"April 26th, 1:23 AM Ukrainian time. Exactly at this date and time the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe has started. The melted core of the burning Reactor No. 4 mixed with the other chemical substances to create a highly radioactive material that hadn't exist anywhere in the world besides Chernobyl.

And we're going to tell you the story of Chernobylite: conspiracy, horror, survival, love, and obsession in a form of a video game.

But it's just the beginning. We're a game development team from Poland that has been spending a lot of time in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone gathering all data and materials required to make the ultimate survival horror experience of the Chernobyl catastrophe. We want to bring you a deep, emotional story, engaging survival and horror experience, and a visually stunning recreation of Chernobyl area achieved with detailed 3D scanning of rich game world, beautifully rendered in Unreal Engine 4."

No platforms or potential release windows were revealed, so we're going to have to wait on that, but PC and consoles seem a reasonable assumption.


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