Minecraft Dungeons

The first Minecraft Dungeons expansion will land in July

Mojang's action-RPG Minecraft Dungeons is getting its first expansion 'Jungle Awakens' in July.

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Minecraft Dungeons was released almost a week ago, and we assume several of you have already finished it. Sure, it has plenty of secrets, things to unlock and higher difficulties to beat the game on - but more content is always nice - and it's coming.

Mojang has now announced the first of two planned expansions, and it's called Jungle Awakens with a planned release in July. It offers three new missions to play through, which is, of course, taking place in a lush (and blocky!) jungle. As you might expect, there are also new artefacts to discover as well as weapons and armour.

The second expansion is called Creeping Winter and is set for a release later this year.

Minecraft Dungeons
Minecraft Dungeons

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