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NBA 2K18

The first NBA 2K League competition won by 76ers GC

The Tip-Off tournament kicks off the league.

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The NBA 2K League started things off with a week's worth of competition in the form of the Tip-Off tournament, and after everything was said and done it was 76ers Gaming Club who won the first title of the season, defeating Blazer5 Gaming to earn $35,000 USD for their troubles.

Some highlights of the event can be found on the league's official website, where we find out that 76ers GC player Ethan 'Radiant' White delivered when it counted, charting 17 points, 14 assists, and 7 steals in the final, as well as earning the MVP award for the tournament as well. Cavs Legion GC's Brandon 'Hood' Caicedo also impressed throughout, getting 46 points in a few games, being entertaining on the stream as well as on the court as well.

Even the shortcomings in the teams were to be expected, as the League writes: "There were naturally some growing pains with gameplay and players gelling on the court. But that's to be expected with a brand new league. Teams gradually got more comfortable and less pensive as play went on. If anything, the tournament provided a strong base for teams to see what worked and what didn't heading into Week 1."

Who impressed you in the Tip-Off?

NBA 2K18
Photo: NBA 2K League

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