The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City provides "ownership of the character"

We spoke with developer Nick Pearce about the game at GDC in California, who told us why they've let players choose their own character.

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The Game Developer Conference (GDC) might have a lot of exciting technology news, but there are games present as well, and we've talked to The Forgotten City creator and founder of Modern Storyteller Nick Pearce about what makes the upcoming new game so unique.

According to Pearce, "making players feel immersed and part of the game" is really important to him, and that's why the Forgotten City is such a customisable and unique experience to each induvial player.

When talking about this, Pearce said: "I personally don't like it when game developers tell me 'you must be this person, go', I don't tend to care about the character and doesn't really resonate with me [...] so by giving the player the ability to play as whoever they want, we've given them ownership of the character and they can really feel as though it's them".

The Forgotten City will be a murder mystery game that is set in the ruins of an Ancient Roman city that is being plagued by a time conundrum. This means that players will have to abuse the regularly resetting time loop as they progress through the game, whilst simultaneously trying to discover the secrets of the city.

The Forgotten City will launch on PC and we know that it'll also launch on Xbox as well. For the full interview and more on the game, be sure to take a look down below.

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The Forgotten City

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Watch us play The Forgotten City

NEWS. Written by Sam Bishop

We got a taste of the game at GDC last week, where we experienced the opening of the adventure that bends time in strange ways.

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