Rainbow Six: Extraction
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The goal of Rainbow Six: Extraction is "to do for the PvE genre, what Siege did for the PvP"

We spoke with creative director Patrik Méthé about how this new cooperative shooter is setting itself apart from Rainbow Six Siege.

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Ubisoft has revealed a better look at its highly anticipated new title set in the Rainbow universe. Previously known as Rainbow Six: Quarantine, Rainbow Six: Extraction is a cooperative PvE shooter that takes a bunch of the characters and names we know and love from the series and pits them against a sprawling biological nightmare. We've been able to get hands-on with the game (which you can check out our impressions of it here), but we also had a chat with the title's creative director Patrik Méthé to get a further understanding of what Extraction is bringing to the table.

"Our goal as a team was to do for the PvE genre, what Siege did for the PvP," said Méthé. "We wanted to make sure from the very beginning to make sure that we would bring a new dimension in terms of the type of challenge you'll be facing."

We also asked Méthé about how Extraction will deliver a level of challenge that suits the more hardcore playerbase of Siege, but also a new and more unfamiliar audience. He told us, "We have many different layers of difficulty in the game, and as you progress in the game, the challenge will drastically increase. We're very confident that even the most hardcore Siege player will find the challenge to the level they're expecting."

During the interview, we even brought up the topic of the name change to see why the team settled with Extraction. "We had many different code names throughout the production of the game. Extraction came, I would say, six months ago maybe, and it was as we were putting the pieces of the puzzle together," said Méthé. "It became obvious at its core, Extraction is really the name of the game."

Rainbow Six: Extraction

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