Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The Krakow Major will see a new veto system used

This month's tournament will see changes to bans and map selection.

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As reported by Dot Esports the upcoming CS:GO Valve Major in Krakow, Poland, will have a new set of rules for the veto system, which have also been spotted on Reddit as well.

To give a brief summary of these changes, the higher seeded team will be given two consecutive bans before the lower seeded one gets three consecutive bans, after which the former team chooses which map to play. Although this gives the higher seeded team the upper hand, the lower then gets to choose if they start on Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist team.

This differs from previous systems like the Eleague Major, as that tournament saw alternating bans before a map was randomly selected out of the rest. The playoff veto system, however, is unchanged, as teams alternate two bans and then select two maps, at which point there's two more bans and the higher seeded team chooses the decider. The change worth noting is that the team with the better record in the Swiss system will decide who starts the veto process in the quarter finals.

Do you prefer this new system?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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