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The NBA 2K League bans its first player

Boo Painter has violated the code of conduct.

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Discipline is often an issue in esports, what with bans and fines being handed out regularly by tournament organisers and teams alike (especially in the biggest competitions like the Overwatch League), and now the NBA 2K League has handed out its first ban, as revealed on its website.

The player in question is Austin 'Boo Painter' Painter of Wizards District Gaming, who has been both dismissed and disqualified from the league for "violating the player code of conduct," as revealed by the league's Managing Director Brendan Donohue.

We have no details other than this brief announcement, so we don't know what Boo Painter did and why this has been decided, but it's an extreme decision which should set an example for the rest of the competition.

NBA 2K18
Photo: NBA 2K League

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