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The next Smash spirits event is called Fire Emblem Fest Part 1

Running from Friday until Monday, spirits from the famous franchise will appear more often and you'll get more SP for beating them.

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Last weekend saw the first of the spirit events in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate take place, and it was quite a spectacle to behold (it was about glasses, you see). Now Nintendo of Europe (via Nintendo Life) has announced that there will be a new spirit event this weekend, and it's all about Fire Emblem.

The event is called Fire Emblem Fest Part 1 and will last from December 21 at 06:00 GMT (07:00 CET) to December 24 at the same time. During this period Fire Emblem spirits will appear more frequently on the spirit board, and beating these will earn you extra SP on top of that

Noteworthy spirit appearances in Europe can be seen below (CET, with GMT an hour behind):

  • Azura (1am/1pm)

  • Caeda (7am/7pm)

  • Eirika (10am/10pm)

  • Eliwood (4am/4pm)

Are you a Fire Emblem fan?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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