The Occupation

The Occupation is coming in October

The real-time investigative thriller lands this autumn.

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The Occupation is the next game by White Paper Games, and when it lands later this year it'll task players with making decisions in real-time based on the evidence they've managed to dig up in this politically-charged thriller.

The story centres around a tragedy, and its aftermath the government is eager to put acts in place - acts that threaten the liberties of all civilians. It's up to you, as a reporter, to figure out what has transpired, decide what is truth and what is not, and use your skills and tools to influence what people do and think so that you get the result you desire. An interesting twist is that all decisions you make must be made in real-time.

White Paper Games has partnered up with Sold Out to release a physical version of the game, and this intriguing title is making its way onto PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 9.

The OccupationThe OccupationThe Occupation

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