The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is confirmed a Microsoft franchise

Private Division: "Moving forward, Obsidian and Microsoft will be publishing future iterations in the franchise".

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One of the best RPG's of 2019 was the sci-fi open world adventure The Outer Worlds, developed by Obsidian (Fallout: New Vegas, South Park: The Stick of Truth). But before the game was released, Microsoft bought the developer, and since then there has been speculations on what will happen to the series in the future, as the Take-Two owned Private Division was the publisher.

Most assumed Microsoft had all the rights to the series, and now we have received an official confirmation from a Private Division spokesperson (via Gamasutra), who says:

"Private Division is still supporting and marketing The Outer Worlds, including the upcoming release of Murder on Eridanos DLC on Nintendo Switch. Moving forward, Obsidian and Microsoft will be publishing future iterations in the franchise, and we're absolutely thrilled to see where they take it."

So there we have it. While no sequel has been announced, the first game sold over 3 million units and it was recently discovered that Obsidian is currently looking for a Technical Artist and a XXX who will work on an open world "unannounced project" that is also a "next world-class RPG". A not too far fetched guess is that this is a new The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds

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