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The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds patch brings option to change the font size

UI programmer shows the results publicly after spending three months on the requested feature.

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Text size has been an issue with many games since HD gaming became standard during the last generation, with screens of different sizes and resolutions entering the living rooms of gamers. Some modern games such as last year's Control offer a nice range of font sizes for users to customize depending on their TV/monitor and the reading distance to it. But it takes some good development to not break the user interface, the text boxes, or the space where subtitles should fit, more so if you take different languages and symbols into account. That's why it's taken no less than three months for Obsidian Entertainment's UI programmer to finally implement it into the acclaimed and text-heavy The Outer Worlds. And he's so proud of the upcoming feature that he's celebrating together with the community on Twitter:

"I can finally say that I've spent the last 3 months getting FONT SCALING into @OuterWorlds! You can get your hands on it very soon! I'm about to drop some GIFs of my work in game!"

In fact, those gifs show how adaptive the interface has to be depending on changing texts. On Nate's Twitter page there are several examples of how this will work in the RPG, along with some notes of other fixes coming to The Outer Worlds with the yet-to-be-dated update:

• Ultrawide support for loading screens/cinematics
• Activate idle cam from pause menu
• Multi quest map tracking
• ADS/Scoped Only Reticle setting
• Bunch of crash fixes

Could perhaps the new Nintendo Switch version have to do with this as well? Let's keep in mind it's two additional screens (no 4K but down to 720p when in handheld mode) to read on.

Do you find this fix a game-changer?

The Outer Worlds

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