The Overwatch League introduces new faces to casting team
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The Overwatch League introduces new faces to casting team

Including Korean and Chinese content creators.

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The Overwatch League is in full swing right now, seeing 12 top teams compete in Blizzard's Arena in Los Angeles, and now the league has revealed via their official website that new talent is joining the casting team for the competition, meaning hosts and commentators presenting the action to us.

Firstly, Miram 'Hwimori' Ahn will be joining the team from South Korea, who is a YouTube creator delivering Overwatch news, creating Korean content for fans using this experience. She'll be joined by US host Malik Forté, who has had extensive experience in esports already as a presenter at the Overwatch World Cup as well as Eleague tournaments.

Qiong 'Chixiaotu' Li is another new face, this time from China, who created her own professional female Overwatch team and has also been team manager for other rosters. She's been a caster for Chinese Overwatch before, and will be producing Chinese language content. The last new addition, Alex 'Goldenboy' Mendez, has been both a host and a caster in the past, and Blizzard praises his "unparalleled ability to inspire passion in every audience."

Do you like these new additions to the team?

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