The Overwatch League is coming in Q3 this year

Nate Nanzer revealed the news.

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Overwatch's esports global director Nate Nanzer recently gave a Q&A in Korea about the esports scene around the game, and the Overwatch League, and thanks to Reddit user bartlet4us, we have an idea of what he said in regards to the Overwatch League.

Nanzer made clear that Blizzard's aim is to create a worldwide league such as is seen in traditional sports, hence the city-based team system idea, one that he hopes will do well in Korea. He also revealed that relegations won't be a thing in the league, so teams can compete with stability in mind.

Profits were also discussed, and Nanzer said that contents are the priority here, as when the league starts they'll be adding systems to view matches, check profiles, and view videos, then bringing in sponsors and sharing ticket sales, broadcasting rights, and money from merchandising with the teams. He's very adamant that it's not just a marketing strategy, however, and there's been no decision about whether they'll share profits from in-game sales with teams.

Another interesting tidbit of information to come out of the discussions was the reveal that teams will be free to have a multi-sex roster if they so choose, as well as players from different nationalities, despite the region-based nature of the league.

The biggest announcement, though, was that the season will start in Q3 this year, and the league will be in a compact form during this time due to a mass acquisition of players and forming new teams. For the beginning, it'll be held in major stadiums, but later on Nanzer said we could see it take place in home stadiums. If you're wondering whether the final will be held at BlizzCon, Nanzer also confirmed that won't be the case, as it'll be held in a new city each year.

Do you think the Overwatch League can be successful in its first year? Or will it need more time?


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