The Overwatch World Cup Group Stage is heading to Paris

Get ready for some international action this weekend.

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Blizzard has just lifted the lid on the upcoming Overwatch World Cup group matches, with the latest and final games set to take place this weekend in Paris, France, as two European teams look to join South Korea, Finland, the USA, Canada, China, and Australia in the finals later this year.

Starting on Friday, September 21, fans will file into a sold-out La Grande Arche to watch teams from across Europe compete for a chance to appear in the finals at Blizzcon in November. Each match will kick off on a particular Control map (Nepal, Lijiang Tower, Ilios, or Oasis), with the losing team choosing the subsequent map based on a particular game type (Second map: Hybrid, Third map: Assault, Fourth map: Escort, Fifth map (tiebreaker): Control - although it'll be different from the first one).

Each of the teams has been profiled extensively over on the official Overwatch League site, and you can find out more about the personnel who'll be representing the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, and the Netherlands in what should be an action-packed weekend.


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