The Overwatch World Cup returns

Country skill ratings are being tracked right now.

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The Overwatch World Cup was a success last year, with South Korea proving dominant in the competition, and now Blizzard has announced the tournament's return, with the finals coming back to BlizzCon later this year.

Blizzard said that they're tracking the skill ratings of the top 100 players from each country as if right now, and next month they'll use each country's average rating to identify the top 32 worldwide. Live qualifiers will then come after that, so if you're one of the top players in those countries, you could be in with the chance to play in the tournament.

Players from each of these 32 countries can also create a 2017 Overwatch World Cup National Committee, with three local experts recommending roster picks. Blizzard will choose up to 10 nominees per country, and players get to vote on who they want to see in this committee.

Live qualifiers are also being offered this year, with four group stage events planned across North America, Europe, and Asia, and in these live events eight national teams will face each other for a week, with the top two automatically qualifying for the World Cup finals at BlizzCon this year (which we know will be in Anaheim, California, from November 3 to 4).

Blizzard reveals more about the World Cup via the Overwatch blog, and even more detail on the official page for the competition, which shows the top countries in terms of skill (South Korea are leading).

Which country could stop South Korea this year?

Photo: Blizzard

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